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Ranchers Choice:
Quick Look: 

High Yielding

High Quality

Dark green color

Fast Regrowth

Excellent Disease & Insect resistance

Fall Dormancy rating: 3.5

Northern hay producers have special needs and practices, including the need for high–yielding, dark green alfalfa. A blend of alfalfas with good disease and pest resistance for both irrigated and dry land production. An alfalfa blend with exception plant health and winterhardiness for stands of high quality alfalfa. Here’s why Ranchers Choice deserves a place in your short-term alfalfa management program:

Ranchers Choice produces top yields of high quality hay

Take a close look at Ranchers Choice. It looks good in the field. You can see outstanding quality in Ranchers Choice rich, dark, green color. 

Remember, what looks good in fields, produces good yields.

Ranchers Choice fights disease and Insects

Ranchers Choice resists: Phytophthora root rot, Verticillium wilt, Fusarium wilt, Anthracnose, and Bacterial wilt. Ranchers Choice has Moderate resistance to Leaf Hopper Yellowing a Real Important factor for Alfalfa Producers.

Ranchers Choice is intended for use in the northern region of the U.S. for hay, haylage, and greenchop or dehy production. 

Ranchers Choice Keeps on working….

Exceptional disease and insect resistance combined with top winterhardiness, keep Ranchers Choice alfalfa producing top yields when other alfalfas start to lose their stands and yields. Producers can count on Ranchers Choice for stands of hearty, good-yielding alfalfa.

This year, discover the yield and quality Ranchers Choice alfalfa can bring to hay production program. Count on Ranchers Choice for good-yielding, dark green alfalfa with the right disease and pest resistance package for Northern hay production. 
Ranchers Choice makes an excellent, economical choice for grass mixes in orchards or vineyards or anywhere nitrogen-producing plants are needed to help fertilize existing plants.

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