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POWER 4.2 Alfalfa Seed       print this sheet (PDF format)

POWER 4.2:
Quick Look: 

Top of test yield performance

Superb forage quality and strong persistence

Powerful Performance

Tall, Robust alfalfa variety

Color is medium dark green

High Stable Yield

Fall Dormancy rating: 4.3

.WSI= 2.2
(Winter Survival Index)

The Next generation in Alfalfa

POWER 4.2 delivers the powerful performance that todayís forage grower depends upon. The variety has a track record of top of test yield performance across a wide geographic range, superb forage quality, and strong persistence even into the later years when lesser varieties fail. 

Compare POWER 4.2 to your favorite alfalfa. Itís a complete variety that will stand toe to toe with todayís best and offers an opportunity to move up on the performance scale. 
Unleash the powerful performance of POWER 4.2 on your farm today! 

Fall Dormancy 4.3
Winter Hardiness 2.2
Multifoliate Leaf Expression  81%
WI Disease Rating Index 30 of 30
Anthracnose HR
Aphanomyces (Race 1) HR
Bacterial Wilt HR
Fusarium Wilt HR
Phytophthora Root Rot HR
Verticillium Wilt  HR

Insect Ratings

Pea Aphid R
Spotted Alfalfa Aphid R

In the field, POWER 4.2 is a tall, robust alfalfa variety with a dense, leafy canopy. Foliage color is medium dark green. POWER 4.2 delivers top tonnage, while maintaining high quality from early bud through to full bloom. 

High Stable Yield
When it comes to yield performance, Power 4.2 takes on the big names in alfalfa. Since 1999, it has been compared head to head with 85 commercial varieties in public and private testing across North America. Look at Power 4.2ís advantage versus selected competitors in the chart on the right.

Competitor Variety POWER 4.2 Advantage No. of Trials
PGI Gold Plus 15% 4
Chemgro Paramount II 13% 4
Golden Harvest GH757 12% 3
Dekalb DK141 9% 4
Trelay Root 66 8% 3
Pioneer 5454 6% 2
WL Research WL325HQ 5% 5
Dekalb DK142 5% 5
America's Alfalfa Ameristand 403T 4% 3
Dairyland Hybri-Force 400 2% 6
POWER 4.2 establishes quickly and holds a full and productive stand until itís plowed out. The chart on the right demonstrates how POWER 4.2 yield advantage grows over the life of the stand versus the mean yield of 23 public and private trials.
Hay Year Yield Advantage
Seedling Year 1%
First 4%
Second 5%
Third 6%
Fourth 9%
Forage Quality
High tonnage and persistence are great, but the proof of the pudding is pounds of milk or Meat produced per acre. POWER 4.2 delivers the numbers when compared to the industry check for forage quality over multiple locations and cuts.


Company Variety ADF NDF CP IVDDM RFV Avg. Yield/Acre Avg. Milk/Acre
POWER Seeds 4.2 31.22 37.65 22.7 76.48 170  8.14 23,030
WL Research  WL325HQ 31.41 37.77 22.7 76.58 171 7.55 21,431

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